Seasonal Forecasts

For agriculture, retail, utility and (re)insurance …

Weather Logistics provides UK seasonal forecasts for planning, organisation and decision making; to better manage climate risks.

UK Regional Forecasts for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and WalesOur forecasts are downscaled to the local scale using existing model outputs and meteorological data from satellites. These outlooks provide a unique insight for agricultural management.

Seasonal forecasts

Our forecasts have been independently verified by a team of Earth Observation specialists. We now provide forecast access.

Climate services

Seasonal climate forecasts can be tailored to your requirements

  • Risk of extremes e.g. exceeding critical cold / warmth thresholds
  • Estimated number of frost / snow days
  • Crop growth or heating degree days for arable farms
  • Risk of floods / droughts
  • Seasonal forecasts for your farm field(s), household or business

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