Seasonal Forecasts

Weather Logistics are specialists in software development solutions and weather forecast consultancy for the food and energy sectors

Our climate prediction algorithm, based on observations, provides 2 – 15 week (0.5 to 3.5 month) seasonal outlooks updated each month

We deliver unique 5km² forecasts in our dynamic weather forecasting tool ‘Climate-Smart Crop’, which provides several metrics to benchmark performance and protect crops:

Frost prediction, flood exposure and crop growth rate

Previous climate consultancy includes a flood risk assessment for Standard & Poor’s financial risk modellers and forecast validation for a leading agricultural service provider

Our winter outlooks also advise on the likelihood of prolonged cold weather, ensuring energy security through demand forecasting

Forecast Value*

Perfect Forecast (+32.5% margin)
Weather Logistics (+13.5% margin)
Perfect Climatology (£0 net gain)

Our November to March validation reveal a 81% accuracy within ±1°C of observations

Winter Outlooks for 2016-17 …

Frost Protection

Crop Growth

Energy Demand