Seasonal Forecasts for UK Regions

Weather Logistics Ltd has developed a predictive model for the UK regional climate operating several months ahead of time. A novel climate index system is being combined with space-borne data to provide a detailed characterisation of our oceans, atmosphere, surface and Arctic sea-ice. Big Data analytics has revealed some excellent forecast skill and the University of Leicester / G-STEP Earth Observation data experts are currently providing forecast verification and testing.

High Pressures and Impact on UK Climate

Blocking High Pressures and their Impact on UK Climate During Winter

Our seasonal forecast service also offers a unique downscaling from broad to fine scale. We are therefore able to provide regional forecasts for the UK, which are often distinctly different from North Scotland to Southeast England. At present we forecast for the regions: East Midlands, East of England, London, North East England, North Scotland, North West England, Northern Ireland, South East England, Southwest England, Wales, West Midlands, West Scotland, Yorkshire & the Humber.

Public forecast services will be released in November 2014.

World Climate Vision

Our weather services will prove invaluable for e-learning and decision making. We also endeavor to improve public understanding of Global climate change, explaining the cause of extreme weather conditions and working toward weather services for climate vulnerable communities. Our future forecasts hope to provide an early warning system for sustained periods of flooding, drought, severe cold and heat-waves.

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