Climate Forecasts

Weather Logistics offers expertise in local-scale seasonal climate forecasting, to predict climate variability and secure future food supply.

Our unique 25km-scale forecasts provide metrics to better manage crops on a farming scale.

Winter Forecast Success ±1°C

Weather Logistics 71%
Forecast Centre Ensemble 57%
UK Met Office 43%

Correct Forecast Tail

Cold 75%
Warm 75%

Winter products offer unprecedented forecast accuracy, using a hybrid model

Seasonal Climate Forecasts – 1st Dec to 29th Feb, 2016

Temperatures Climate Variability Energy Demand – Heating Degree Days
Day-night average Extreme days > °6C above climate average HDD with threshold 15.5°C
Day maximum Freeze days (average < °0C)
Night minimum Hot days (average > 12°C)
Frost days (Dec, Jan, Feb)

Our verified fine-scale forecasts combine seasonal predictions, climate and satellite data