Seasonal Forecasts

Weather Logistics provides local forecasts of the expected weather extremes that impact farming operations. Our unique 5km² forecasts, presented in our Climate-Smart Crop product provides farmers metrics to assess their crop performance from frost to growing season length

Services are also provided for energy firms and financial risk modellers to better manage their asset’s exposure to seasonal variability in weather, including flood risk mapping

Our seasonal climate forecasts also provide insights into the range of weather conditions (climate variability) to ensure security of future energy supply

How Accurate Are We?*

Weather Logistics 71%
International Benchmark 57%
UK Meteorological Office 43%

Our winter forecasts are unparalleled, 71% within ±1°C of 2010-16 official observations*

Current Winter Forecasts …

Frost Protection

Crop Growth

Energy Demand

Seasonal forecasts for winter cover the period 1st December – 28th February.

Our verified weather forecasts combine model, climate & satellite observations