Seasonal Forecasts

Get Prepared with Climate-Smart Forecasts

All growers need to prepare for the upcoming weather conditions, yet climate change now exposes us to the adverse effects of seasonal weather variability and daily extremes. Year-on-year fluctuations in crop yield and quality pose a major a risk to the sustainability of food supply.

To tackle this, we provide forecasts of the seasonal variability using a sophisticated software system. We provide weather data at the field-level up to 3 months ahead by combining the most accurate weather data from state-of-the-art prediction models with many billions of observations.

Our goal is to mitigate the risks of food security, improve access to seasonal weather data, support farm incomes, increase food productivity and empower farmer to make more effective decisions.

Forecasts for Developers

  • Agronomists, crop specialists and data scientists can now combine real-time monitoring with seasonal forecasts to maintain crop health

Forecasts for Optimisation

  • Maximise crop quality and yield, develop more effective sales forecasts, optimise spray applications and implement disease control
  • Local seasonal outlooks to refine farm operations; drilling, tillage, spraying, harvesting etc. to reduce the time spent in the field

Frost Protection Advisories

  • Cold weather forecasts, validated by the University of Cambridge, to assess cost-effective frost protection from November to March

81% Forecast Accuracy*

Perfect Knowledge (+32.5% margin)
Weather Logistics (+13.5% margin)

*November to March seasonal temperature assessment