Seasonal Weather Forecasts

- Independent Seasonal Weather Reports

Bridging the gaps in confidence between seasonal weather forecasts and climate science Cold winters are directly linked to higher heating bills

- Our heating degree day (HDD) forecast indicates the amount of energy required to maintain your household warm during the winter months. We also predict rainfall, snowlidays, storminess and the prevailing air-flow direction. This is achieved through an in-house model that simulates the position of the polar jet streams over the British Isles.

seasonal weather predictions for the autumn 2011seasonal weather predictions for the winter 2011 - 2012

  • Weather Logistics Ltd has produced its own free calculator for estimating household heating bills on our seasonal forecast information pages
  • Each seasonal weather forecast comprises of monthly updates, with the final edition released one month in advance

*For further details on HDD please consult WeatherMedia

Contact the project manager @ Weather Logistics Ltd for further details.

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