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Most farming operations are impacted by seasonal weather variability and daily extremes.

We provide more accurate long-term weather predictions at the field level to empower growers to make better-informed decisions at the best time. Our data can be fed into crop development or pathogen models, to maximise crop yield and quality whilst minimising the weather-related crop damage.

Our vision is to tackle the global challenges of food security and sustainability.

Trials are in progress with UK grower groups and producers.

What We Provide

Validated field-level forecasts to optimise crop supply

Data for Developers

Combine field monitoring with weather data to maintain crop health

Food Security

Maximise crop quality and yield and secure a fresh produce supply

Local Reports

Local seasonal outlooks to refine operations from drilling to harvest

Frost Protection

Cold weather forecasts, validated by the University of Cambridge

Flood Advisories

Local risk assessments and mapping of rainfall extremes

Climate Consultancy

Consultancy experts in algorithm design, climate data and validation

Climate-Smart Visualisations

Interact with our seasonal forecasts at the field level, select weather variables, thresholds, and compare with previous seasons
Agronomists, crop specialists and data scientists can now combine real-time monitoring with seasonal forecasts to maintain crop health

The Team

ESA Climate Services Kickstart

European Space Agency

ESA Kickstart Team

Christopher Nankervis

CTO & Founder
Agri-Tech East Member

AgriTech East

Network Member
UK Space Agency SPIN

SPIN Graduates

UK Space Agency


Hear what our clients have to say

Delivered weather models for our international digital agriculture platform. They worked well with our team

Vince Gillingham

AgSpace Agriculture

We worked with Weather Logistics to explore the use models for the insurance industry. Chris has expertise in data analytics and impact assessment

Dr Mike Simpson

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Clear understanding of the multiple levels of environmental, social and economic issues

Christophe Auch

EU Climate-KIC

Secured funding and support from the European Space Agency, UK Space Agency, and the Science & Technology Facilities Council

Matthew Edwards

Matthew Edwards

European Space Agency


Climate Data HPC

Sustainability: Data as a Resource

Climate data is experiencing rapid growth, with providers using less sustainable HPC facilities. Are we now in a transition toward leaner downstream products using cloud processing?

Flooded Fields Farm

The Forecaster’s Mindset: Learning Nature’s Rules

Many business coaches indicate that a Growth Mindset is essential to adapt, learn and develop new skills. This way of thinking has been key to the development of our weather forecast system.

Climate Change Challenges

Why Solutions are Well Articulated Problems

Tackling climate change is a challenging, requiring world-class engineers and scientists. Like many problems, it also requires us to adopt systems thinking due to its interconnected components.

Rainfall Forecasts Weather

Verification of Complex Models

Our start-up delivers a unique set of weather forecast insights. We improve existing weather prediction models using observations and a sophisticated software algorithm.


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