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Plan ahead with Field-level Weather

Seasonal climate forecast launch

Reliable extended weather outlooks, from 2 to 15-weeks, delivered all-year-round for the United Kingdom (& Spain and Turkey by 2021)

Integrate and run scenarios of field-level crop production using seasonal forecasts. Verified by the Science & Technology Facilities Council and data specialists at Agrimetrics

Improving certainty in extended weather for strategy planning. Build smarter crop benchmarking platforms, integrated pest management (IPM) systems or decision-support applications. Refine precision farming operations such as preventative spraying, frost protection, crop quality assurance and avoid supply shortfalls

We currently deliver farm-level temperature, precipitation, solar radiation, wind speed and humidity data through Agri-food Data Marketplace

Our goal is to reduce food waste by 5% by 2024 (SDG 12.3) and water-use efficiency (SDG 6.4)

Services for Growers, Producers and Agronomists

Reducing the uncertainty in weather variability

Climate-related Financial Disclosures

Short-term climate data, for operational scenario planning (TCFD)

Weather for Crop Models

Daily weather inputs for crop modellers and decision-support

Reducing Food Waste

Seasonal weather data for producers of salads, soft fruit and field vegetables

Microclimate Forecasts

Field-level forecasts linked to your weather sensors

Crop Protection

Farm-level insights into daily wind, air frost and temperature extremes

Rainfall Insights

Connecting jet stream activity with local rainfall

Seasonal Forecasting with Confidence

Explore the benefits of our field-level seasonal weather advisories
Seasonal climate forecast launch
Extended weather forecast for farmers
Field-level daily weather forecast scenarios
farming weather outlook for rainfalls
Optimise fresh produce | Prevent crop damage | Reduce food waste

Meet Team Climate

ESA Climate Services Kickstart

European Space Agency

ESA Kickstart Team
Dr Christopher Nankervis

Christopher Nankervis

CTO & Founder
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Delivered weather models for our international digital agriculture platform. They worked well with our team

Vince Gillingham

AgSpace Agriculture

We worked with Weather Logistics to explore the use models for the insurance industry. Chris has expertise in data analytics and impact assessment

Dr Mike Simpson

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Clear understanding of the multiple levels of environmental, social and economic issues

Christophe Auch

EU Climate-KIC

Secured funding and support from the European Space Agency, UK Space Agency, and the Science & Technology Facilities Council

Matthew Edwards

Matthew Edwards

European Space Agency

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Sustainability: Data as a Resource

Climate data is experiencing rapid growth, with providers using less sustainable HPC facilities. Are we now in a transition toward leaner downstream products using cloud processing?

Flooded Fields Farm

The Forecaster’s Mindset: Learning Nature’s Rules

Many business coaches indicate that a Growth Mindset is essential to adapt, learn and develop new skills. This way of thinking has been key to the development of our weather forecast system.

Climate Change Challenges

Why Solutions are Well Articulated Problems

Tackling climate change is a challenging, requiring world-class engineers and scientists. Like many problems, it also requires us to adopt systems thinking due to its interconnected components.

Rainfall Forecasts Weather

Verification of Complex Models

Our start-up delivers a unique set of weather forecast insights. We improve existing weather prediction models using observations and a sophisticated software algorithm.