Forecast Products

Unique seasonal forecasts (1 – 5 month extended outlooks) at a local 5km x 5km scaleSeasonal Climate Forecasts for the United KingdomHistorical observations of climate

Crop growth monitoring – Frost protection – Vernalization and flowering – Crop protection and covering – Variety selection – Drought tolerance

Variable rate applications, preventative spraying against pests and disease, machinery hire

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Flood & drought risks

UK flooding risk return maps for insurance, water treatment, food supply management and soil moisture modelling. Selection of frost / drought tolerant crops

demand-side response

Assess your building energy efficiency and overheating during heatwaves for indoor cooling systems / design summers, software for climate control and smart grid & energy demand side response (DSR)

Consecutive days

Assess the risk of prolonged weather for cold weather payments, energy storage / DSR, public health and pollution advisories

Intra-seasonal variability

Gain unique access to seasonal variability in temperature extremes for food & energy supply chain risk management, public health advisories, seasonal retail stock management, or crop covering in advance of frost