Frost Protection Advisories

Frost Protection Advisories

Climate-Smart Crop provides localised UK-wide weather insights for the upcoming winter.

Nottingham, UK - Winter 2017 frost forecast

Climate-Smart Crop provides accurate insights into the daily variability of winter cold, recognising that some years are more prone to extremes. We deliver seasonal weather forecasts to assist agricultural managers with farm field level decisions; whether you’re a farmer or grower group. This is facilitated by an interactive mapping feature that quickly reveals the seasonal outlook.

Zoom and pan into your farm site, select your local winter forecast data and swipe across the visual to compare to a climate benchmark. A timeline at the base of the application will show an observation time series to compare and contrast, which extends back to 2010.Frost Predictions for GrowersStart a Free Trial

Climate-Smart Crop equips your farm or fresh produce organisations with access to interactive mapping capabilities to quickly assess the seasonal risks posed to crops, whether it be within field storage of root vegetables or winter grown varieties. Our latest release advises of a cold winter in 2017, for early planning of crop protection strategies and maintenance of adequate animal feed. In stark contrast, last winter presented mild weather and an opportunity for many pests and diseases to damage foliage.

Our winter forecast release is best suited to seasonal vegetable growers, but a range of forecast insights provide value for all growers to assess their farming risks. Subscriptions are available at $400 / year subscription, or $40 / month basis, and are managed by a 24-7 support team.

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