Winter Crop Growth

Winter Crop Growth

Climate-Smart Crop delivers farm field level weather forecast to British growers.

Cambridge, UK - Winter 2017 cereal growth forecast

For further info view the AHDB Cereal Growth Guides

Climate-Smart Crop provides insights into the growing season length and grain quality through a unique ‘growing day’ web mapping tool. Amongst other crop performance metrics, weather and climate provides the best indicator for yield and quality benchmarks. Our App will assist in the selection of the most suited winter varieties for the upcoming season. This season is especially prone to the impacts of year-to-year climate variability. Climate-Smart Crop makes grower decisions easier by presenting accurate forecasts of warm days (above 5°C). These crop threshold insights are unique and can be applied for wheat, barley, rye, oats, flaxseed, lettuce, asparagus growers.

Crop Growth Modelling

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The app delivers seasonal weather forecasts at each farm field location through an interactive website subscription tool. It is best suited for operators of larger farms who often manage cereals crops over a diverse range of growing conditions.

Zoom and pan into your farm site, select your local winter forecast metric and swipe across the visual to compare to a growing season baseline.

Climate-Smart Crop equips your farm or fresh produce organisations with access to an interactive mapping capability to quickly assess the future yield or market supply risks. For the latest winter 2017 release, we advise of an increased risk of cold. Our indications are therefore an extended growing season and vernalization. In contrast, the growing season of 2016 began much earlier. This left seedlings prone to early spring frost damage.

Our winter forecast release of growing season length is best suited to managers of large farms, with a range of additional weather insights suitable for all growers. Climate-Smart Crop is available for $300 / year, or $30 / month basis, and is managed by a 24-7 support team.

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